Root woven bustier and eco-printed wide leg pants paired with seaweed statement necklace

Bustier: Woven & Bound 
Artist: Eileen Murphy (root weaving) 
Artist: MJ LeBlanc (crochet & construction) 
Description: locally harvested spruce roots treated and woven into bustier pattern pieces assembled with leather cord weaving & knotting, finished with hand crochet leather cord side & back panels. Lace back opening system.  
Media used: treated spruce roots, leather cord, wood glue, bra cups.  
Techniques used: foraging, soaking, hand peeling/shaving, steaming, moulding, weaving, hand crochet, macrame, pattern drafting, hand stitching,
Total hours: 293 hours
Pants: Autumn Haul 
Artist: Richard Brophy (pants & eco-printing)  
Assisted by: Larissa Zemke (natural dye) 
Artist: Tania Scott (resin buttons) 
Description: Loose fit wide leg pants constructed with eco-printed cotton canvas. Adorned with handmade resin button. 
Media used: 100% Cotton canvas, various local plants of (black eyed Susan, sumac leaves and buds, dog berry leaves and berries, buckthorn berries & leaves, lavender, goldenrod, Osage, walnut husks, cochineal), mini shells & sand, resin. 
Techniques used: pattern drafting, machine stitching, hand stitching, foraging, eco-printing, resin casting. 
Total hours: 60 hours
Necklace: Reigns of the Kelpie necklace
Artist: Tania Scott 
Description: large seaweed floaters layered together with resin and tiny hidden shell gems. Resin pearls made with pearl mica powder topped with silver bead tops and layered gun metal black up-cycled chains. This necklace inspired the idea that Selkies would ride the shapeshifting Kelpies out into the watery depths.
Media used: Arctic harvested large seaweed floaters, gunmetal chains, pearl mica powder, two-part resin, jump rings, mini seashells.
Techniques used: hand washing of seaweed, resin sealed, resin setting, hand construction metal work.
Total hours: 22 hours
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