I’ve always been captivated by the ocean and nature of Newfoundland and Labrador. When I return home, a great wave of inspiration flows through me. My fascination with the ocean goes back to my earliest memories when my parents would bring me to our local beach and my father would tell me tales of mermaids, pirates, and creatures of the deep. I often gain much inspiration and insight while beachcombing for shells, sea glass and other objects. The seascape has always struck a chord of nostalgia within me. 
Much of my inspiration is born from nostalgic memories and connections to my heritage. As a knitter, I feel the connection to my great grandmother while using her knitting needles to create my art. The memories of the two of us knitting together visit me each time I knit up a storm. It’s almost as if we are both in the room together once again. The endless need to master traditional skills knocks at my door each day. The curiosity of how something is made; start to finish, tugs at my interest every time I see a stunning textile piece. 
Natural dying has always been one of my true loves. Like nature itself, finding the beauty in the perfectly imperfect is so simple and comforting. The alchemy and process of natural dyes awakens something within me that draws me back to a previous time. 
I often reflect on my career, balancing the two creative worlds of industry and craft. I feel my industry-self represents structure and reform, and the artist-self who allows the release of chaos and free-will. The artist side is always celebrating that “perfectly imperfect” while the industry-self pulls back and establishes standards. These two selves are constantly at discomfort with one another. Yet, they find a balance between them to create something beautiful and significant. 

Richard Brophy was born and raised in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. From an early age his fascination with art and fashion would lead him into a creative life and career within the fashion industry. He is a previous graduate of the Textiles Studies program with College of the North Atlantic. Graduating in 2009, he majored in Print & Dye, Knitting and Surface Embellishments. Upon graduating, he received the Governor General’s Award. To further his studies in fashion, he attended College LaSalle in Montreal, Quebec. He graduated from the Fashion Design program in 2013, majoring in Women’s wear. Throughout his creative career within the industry, Richard has headed up brands for mass-market Canada and the United States. Currently, in his role as a men’s wear designer for a prestigious Montreal brand, he is elevating men’s wear for major retailers in the North American market. While flourishing in the industry, Richard has stayed true to his artisan roots. In 2017, he launched his first independent couture collection GILDED. This collection aided a children’s school & orphanage in Ghana. His passion to give back through his art drives him forward. He incorporates many traditional techniques in his collections with the importance of preserving these precious skills. Richard is also passionate about teaching future artisans his trade. His craft will pass on as a legacy to his Irish/Newfoundland heritage and culture. Richard’s long-term goal is to return to the province of Newfoundland & Labrador to establish a fibre arts residency for emerging textile artists and designers.
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