Mixed media shawl and kilt, paired with sporran & belt
Shawl: The River of thoughts
Artist: Joyce Huard
Description: Mixed media felted shawl, embellished with hand spun art yarns and wool curls needle felted, accompanied with free motion machine embroidery. Knitted and woven panels made of hand spun yarns with hand spun fringe.
Media used: 100% various sheep wools (merino, cotswold, lincoln, blue faced Leicester, karakul, mohair), 100% alpaca. Metallic thread, acid dye.
Techniques used: wet felting, needle felting, free motion machine stitching, weaving, knitting, crochet, hand stitching, hand spinning, vat dyeing.
Total hours: 60 hours

Kilt: Roaming Highlander 
Artist: Richard Brophy (kilt, dye & construction)
Assisted by: Larissa Zemke (natural dye) 
Artist: Tania Scott (resin buttons) 
Description: Hand pleated, wrap-around utility kilt, made of naturally over-dyed and eco-printed wool plaid cloth finished with leather straps and metal buckles & handmade resin button. 
Media used: 100% wool plaid cloth, natural dyes (logwood, alkanet, iron, black eyed Susan, sumac leaves and buds, dog berry leaves and berries, buckthorn berries & leaves, lavender, goldenrod, Osage, walnut husks, cochineal), leather, metal belt buckles, mini shells & sand, resin.  
Techniques used: draping, pattern drafting, hand pleating, machine sewing, hand stitching, natural vat dying, eco-printing, contact dye, resin casting. 
Total hours: 70 hours
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