Full length gore panel skirt worn with detachable train, paired with draped fishnet top and statement neck piece.

Skirt: Married to Methyl Mercury 
Description: Repurposed wedding dress, reconstructed into gore full length skirt paired with detachable train embellished with hand painted fish panels. 
Media: Repurposed taffeta, lace, mesh, artificial hair, acrylic paint, embroidery floss.
Techniques: pattern drafting, machine sewing, reverse applique, applique, hand embroidery, hand painting, hand stitching.
Total hours: 1000 hours
Top: Hauled Netting
Artist: MJ LeBlanc
Description: Draped up-cycled fishermen's net naturally discoloured by its time at sea.
Media used: Up-cycled fisherman's net
Techniques used: Draping, Hand Stitching
Total hours: 6 hours

Neck piece: Armour of the Selkie
Artist: Tania Scott 
Description: Breast/back piece made of flattened seaweed leaf, curved during resin process to fit across shoulder and under arm like a warrior’s armour. Thick bronze chain holds it together. Don’t leave the ocean without it.
Media used: Arctic harvested large Seaweed leaf, bronze chain, jump rings, resin.
Techniques used: Cleaning, pressing and drying of seaweed, resin seal, moulding, hand metal work
Total hours: 30 hours
Title: Kelpie Tail earrings
Artist: Tania Scott
Description: Kelpies are shapeshifting water spirits that like the form of horses, so the 4” deep red seaweed leaves sealed with resin and adorned with little resin seashells remind me of their tails deep under water.
Media used: large red seaweed fan leaves, stainless steel hooks, little casted resin shells, two-part resin, jump rings.
Techniques used: Pretty red fan leaves, cleaned and pressed, sealed in a two-part resin with little shells casted on. Hung to drip dry for 12 hours. Earring hooks are large stainless-steel v-hooks.
Total hours: 15 hours
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