Hand knit pull-over sweater vest with detachable net piece worn with pull-on linen pants and complete with leather cuff and statement earring. 

Sweater vest & net piece: Bracken
Artist: Beth Howley
Description: Hand knit sweater vest with hand knit net wrap accessory.
Media used: 100% Blue Faced Leicester wool, acid dyes.
Techniques used: Hand spinning, vat dying, hand knitting.
Total hours: 70 hours

Pants: Dockside
Description: Natural linen pants with hand embroidered embellishments.
Media used: 100% natural linen, 100% cotton embroidery threads.
Techniques used: Pattern drafting, machine sewing, hand embroidery, surface embellishment, hand manipulation, hand stitching.
Total hours: 44 hours.

Earring: Gems of the Merrow Earrings
Artist: Tania Scott
Description: Irish mermaids cannot deny themselves fashion - 2” Seaweed floaters sealed with resin crimped with stainless steel clam pinch bail and lever back earring clasps topped with resin pearls made with pearl mica powder.
Media used: small seaweed floater tops, stainless steel lever back clasps, pearl mica powder, two-part resin, silver bead toppers.
Techniques used: seaweed floaters dried and cut into various sizes. Dipped in a two-part resin and hung to dry then the seaweed pieces are crimped, pearl treasures are threaded and topped with silver filagree bead toppers and attached to lever back hooks.
Total hours: 12 hours.

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