Artist Statement
I have always been drawn to the unmarked trail, finding inspiration for my work in natures details. Having spent my life exploring the intricacies of Newfoundland’s coastlines, forests, and barrens, the raw beauty of the natural world is translated into my art. The meticulous use of traditional fibre manipulation and surface embellishment techniques, reflects my reverence of detail, each stitch and weave serve as a tribute to the intricate wonders of nature. Through my textile art, I capture the essence of the landscapes I explore and invites others to experience the wonder of nature in new and unexpected ways. In a world where many are disconnected, my work serves as a gentle reminder of the awe-inspiring beauty waiting to be discovered when we take the time to slow down and reconnect with nature.
Melissa Tarrant is a textile Artist based in St. John’s Newfoundland who has a passion for building community through arts and culture. She graduated from the College of the North Atlantics Textile Studies program in 2006 where she focused her studies on surface embellishment, weaving, and apparel design.   Melissa is currently the Manager of the Anna Templeton Centre for Craft, Art, and Design and its project the Quidi Vidi Village Artisan Studios where she gets to share her business development experiences with emerging Artisans and develop community-focused projects based around arts and culture. 
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