Having been introduced to rug hooking as a child by watching my grandmother ‘color with fabric, I have been passionate about this craft since picking up my first hook in 2003. Rug Hooking is all about pulling loop after loop. But underneath the loops lie the rhythmic motions of the rolling of the sea, the whisper of the wind, the sound of the foghorn in the distance. It is bringing the colors of Newfoundland to life. 

In addition to being a creative outlet, rug hooking gives me a path to follow for my ingrained sense of implanting sustainability. Creating functional and wearable art by pulling previously loved clothing and natural fibres through a woven base is a satisfying, grounding and soothing experience.   
Using sustainable fibre or previously loved clothing and with all of its elements, including buttons and zippers, Winnie Glavine creates hooked mats suitable to become functional art and family heirlooms.

Honing her skills in rug hooking since 2003, she is a juried rug hooking artist of the Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Council.  Winnie has also received the Crafts of Character Accreditation from the Dept. of Tourism, Culture, Innovation and Industry, GOVNL and Accreditation from the St. John’s Farm Market (SJFM).   Winnie was also recently chosen as one of eight rug hooking artists to recreate JEH MacDonald, Group of Seven, sketches of earlier Atlantic Canadian hooked mats now lost to history. 

A Certified RHGNL Rug Hooking Instructor since 2012 Winnie thoroughly enjoys offering both beginner and advanced rug hooking classes both through Zoom and in person.  

Never afraid to step outside the box, she strongly encourages others to learn the rules in order to break them, use what you got, hook as you see, whatever the colour or texture, and most importantly, to love what you do.

You can see or purchase more of Winnie's work here:
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