Artist Statement
I find myself each day, feeling so connected to the rock I call home. Surrounded by water, I take inspiration from its fury, mystery and giving nature. Majority of my work depicts such a relationship and tells a story of life and loss. Using bright colours and easily relatable themes, I depict the cultural livelihoods and the nature of our province. My art is a revolving process. I have learned quilting from my grandmother, painting from my stepfather, storytelling from my aunts, and a love of photography from my studies. Everything is rooted in my heritage. I use natural dyes to color my wools from the land beneath my feet. From seaweed to dandelions, rose hips to lavender, my source of inspiration is all around me. ​​​​​​​
I want more.....
These are the words that are my mantra. The first thought in the morning and my last at night. I am never really satisfied, which is a blessing and a curse. Every time I create a piece I think what I can do next time to make it even better. This has led me down many avenues of creativity. Starting with photography developing my own pictures, to printing, graphic design school, rug hooking and painting.
For the past number of years my focus has been on rug hooking. I began by being instructed at the Anna Templeton Centre and have never stopped. I started by doing the traditional method of cut strips and have made it my own. Now my work uses a combination of hand dyed wools, acrylic, clothing, natural stones, wood, etc. I also use other techniques using paints, felting, and embroidery.
Currently my work that I am developing is all about Newfoundland Culture. Our fishery and heritage and way of life. It’s based on color, beauty, strength, humor and ruggedness. I dye a lot of my own wool by the flowers and herbs around me then
use that in my images for those exact images. I also am using felting techniques and other elements for texture. I am going towards larger pieces that I normally do so as to add more elements and make more of an impact. I want to represent the colorful people that we are by the images I create and the strength of those images.
You can see or purchase more of Michelle's work here
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