Artist Statement
Many years into my life I have found a brand new passion of which is felt making. It is my desire to take my felting techniques to a new level and in doing so, continue to focus on the core values of my craft. As an aspiring artist with three years experience in felting, I desire for my work to create an impact, to build connections, and to invoke emotions. I wish to get people talking and thinking about a subject matter and to see the bigger picture. Craft has a significant relationship with our society and has been part of our culture for hundreds of years. As stated by artist Betsy Greer, who helped popularise the term craftivism, “as craftivists we are also permission givers, helping to breathe life into artistic practices that some people think are obsolete; we show relevancy and poignancy”. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead. I am excited to be part of Engulfed 2024, and look forward to its outcome. I would like others to consider how my fabric is constructed, the story behind it, and my inspiration for the work. As a society we can be sustainable while meeting our own needs, without compromising future generations needs. My childhood home sits mere feet from the ocean and its rugged coastline, as a young girl I would spend many days around the water, watching as it washed against the granite rocks. To me, the ocean and its patterns seemed immutable.
As an adult, I am still in awe of the ocean and its rugged coast; however, now I understand that change is now a constant. Climate change is profoundly imposing on our planet and how it functions. This awareness has impacted my thought process and my work.
Following a 38-year passionate career as a Registered Nurse, Debbie pursued a 2-year Textile and Apparel Design program offered by College of the North Atlantic. During this program her main focus was felting, embroidery, and eco-printing. Since graduating, Debbie has continued her practice in her home studio in the Goulds. Her work has been featured in various exhibitions where she will often focus her attention to various environmental and social concerns. She has taken part in numerous courses and workshops offered by artists from all over the world including Fiona Duthie, Irit Dulman, Nicola Brown, Molly Williams, and Lena Archibald. Debbie takes inspiration from her present environment and from her past experiences.

Connect with Debbie
Instagram: @naturleedesigns
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